The son of a U.S. Army serviceman, Tony Diaz has spent most of his life traveling the world. By the time he entered kindergarten he had already lived on three continents. His father's military service commit-ments had them crossing the country—and the oceans—several times. Most of his time overseas was spent living amongst the foreign nationals. This gave him the opportunity to see life from both sides of the cultural fence and (no doubt) influenced his love of travel—a passion he still possesses.

After a stint in the U.S. Air Force, he eventually moved to Seattle, Washington, where he worked as a mechanical engineer. It was there that he took an interest in writing and photography. 

     He received travel agent training from SST Travel Schools and began teaching adventure travel seminars at the community college level.  In 2011 he was asked to be a guest speakers at the MENSA annual gathering in Portland, Oregon.  Since then he has spoken at several of their other annual gathering including Reno, Boston, Louisville, and San Diego.

     While living in Seattle he also served as the Projection Division Chairman of the Tacoma Photographic Society (2012–13), and his images have been on display at several Seattle and Tacoma area businesses as well as at the Seattle Museum of Flight.

     He published a number of travel articles, which also contain samples of his photographic talents, and continues to hone his writing and picture taking talents. He has also published two books; A Life Fulfilled (a how-to guide at fulfilling the goals of your bucket list), and Travel Safe Travel Smart—A Guide to Surviving Todays Travel Hazards.

     In 2014 he retired from engineering and moved to San Antonio, Texas where he currently resides and is active in the South Texas chapter of MENSA as the groups Newsletter Editor.

     He teaches adult writing and photography classes and continues to  offer a variety of programs to groups and organizations interested in giving their audience and clients a taste of what adventure travel is with programs of interest to:
Writer  |  Speaker  |  Photographer
Tony Diaz
Tour group organizers who want to understand their destination
Individuals and groups about to travel to the subject destination
The "arm-chair" traveler seeking to experience the destination without leaving the comfort of home.
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Presentation highlights

  Tony shares his wealth of experience and enthusiasm with attendees.

  Solid hands-on ideas and advice you can use and share to make your travels more enjoyable and secure.

  More than a seminar of what to see and what to do, you'll learn something of the culture and history of the destination.

  Gain a greater understanding of the destinations from someone who has acquired first hand experience.
“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” - Lao Tzu
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