“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”
Marcus Tullius Cicero


Publication and availablility of the guide to bucket-lists—A LIFE FULFILLED—and the ultimate travel guide—TRAVEL SMART TRAVEL SAFE—have been discontinued. At least for the time. Much of the material they contain has become out of date. However, both books are currently being updated so that an updated edition, with the latest post-pandemic revised travel and destination information, will be available to the bucket-lister / traveler.

Both books will remain budget friendly and be packed with updated facts, hints, and advice for the travelers or adventurers library. 
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". . . contains some real wisdom."
"This is a must read if you want to create a bucket list."
"This book is by far the best bucket list guide I've seen."
". . . prepares you with the knowledge and tools that can make your next trip a trouble free and enjoyable one."
". . . a great resource!"
And, yes, while the pandemic did put the kibosh on the third book in the adventure travel series, it too will see a belated printing; perhaps by 2024.