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Banned From Flying
    A recent item in the news was the reporting that over 700 people were banned from flying on Delta Airlines because they failed to abide by the rules requireing them to wear a mask. Other carriers have followed suit, refusing passage to those who refuse to comply with their mask wearing policy. All of these offenders are placed on a "no-fly" list and they will remain so until the requirement is lifted.
     There actually is a guideline that air carriers have to protect the health of their passengers. Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines have implemented the following policy updates regarding face coverings:

1.  Before you board: Each airline will communicate its face covering policy
     beginning at the terminal at check-in. They may require passengers to
     acknowledge they are aware of the carriers specific rules.
2.  Onboard announcement: Once you are on the aircraft, the captain or a c rew
     member will announce the details of their policies which will include a warning
     of their policies regarding passenger violations.
3. Failure to comply: If you do not comply with the carriers rules and policies,
     you can be removed from the plane and all further flying privileges on that
     airline can be suspended.
4. These health and safety measures are expected to remain in place until the
     COVID-19 health crisis has passed.

     Travelers are required to wear a face covering throughout their journey. This notification is posted on all airlines websites and travelers are advised to read and familiarize themselves with it. Furthermore, travelers are urged to wash their hands often (or use a hand sanitizer), and to stay at home if they are ill.
     Airlines are also encouraging the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to conduct temperature safety screening before allowing travelers access to the boarding gate. To further allow for distancing of people, carriers have implemented other changes including "back-to-front" boarding.
     The airlines take the pandemic very serious, and have implemented a number of strategies to keep the travereler safe as well. These include the the sanitizing of the flight deck and cabin. All key touchpoints—armrests, tray tables, seatbelts, etc.—are deep cleaned with EPA-approved disinfectants. In some cases these proceedures include the use of electrostatic cleaners and fogging procedures.
     Someday this inconvenient pandemic will pass, and travel will return to the way it was before 2020. It may be several years; some industry experts say it won't be until 2024. That can be a long time to be denied access on an airplane. Do the right thing. Wear a mask.