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     Welcome to this months edition of the e-zine (some may prefer the term newsletter), "The Odyssey".  The Oxford Dictionary defines odyssey as "a long, adventurous journey".  And - since this is a bucket list e-zine and a bucket list deals with fulfilling the dreams of your life - the odyssey referred to here is your life.  This publication is broken down into sections that, I believe, would be most helpful to the bucket-lister.  So please view these pages and see what is offered.  Then, take the time to send me a note to let me know if there is anything you might be interested in hearing about or seeing included in future issues.  Currently, the magazine is updated four times a year - in March (springtime), June (summer), September (fall), and December (winter). 

     The e-zine's parent website is updated monthly and can be reached by clicking on "The Adventure Begins" link in the upper left hand corner.

     This section — the "editorial" — contains my thoughts and comment to the bucket-lister and each issue has a new topic. Sometimes it's simply advice, at other times it may be more news-worthy, but it's always meant to be timely, useful, and entertaining.  

This issue:
What's this Trip Really Going to Cost Me?

   It's Time to Kick the Bucket!

     Let's "Kick the Bucket" and see what comes out!  This portion is of the magazine contains an original article with the bucket-lister in mind.  While it may often be travel related, some issues include such diverse topics as: unusual or exotic restaurants and culinary experiences, special events and local festivals, security and TSA related issues, historical figures that somehow tie in to a bucket list destination, and — of course — a variety of experiences and destinations you may or may not have on your bucket list. 

This issue:
On the American Road (Part 2)

  In the news.

    News that the bucket lister can use.  Whatever rocks your boat, whether it's a great tour, a national monument, an adventurous experience, or just a quiet getaway for two - if it's somethig you'd put on your bucket list, and if it's newsworthy, you'll find it here. 

This issue: 
Your Flight Delay and Cancellation Entitlements.

  Tony's Travel Tips

I include a quarterly travel related trip for the bucket-lister.  Although the section is titled "Tony's Travel Tips", it will often contain subjects that go beyond travel related suggestions.  Regardless, these tips are ment to: 1) help you organize your life, 2) reduce stress and give you a worry free travel experience, 3) help you feel more secure in your travels, 4) simplify your life so you can enjoy your adventures more, and 4) help you stay healthy in you journeys.

This issue:
Shed the Pounds.

   Put a Pin In It

     Some bucket listers have maps of the United States or the world on their walls, which have become the pin-cushion of their dreams.  They've inserted multi-colored pins to show where they want to go and where they've been, and some - along with their destinations—have included lists of things they would like to do.  This section provides the reader with ideas of some places and / or events they may not have considered when developing their bucket list.  With every issue a new entry will—hopefully—spark the imagination of the reader and give them one more lifetime goal to look toward achieving. 

This issue:
Johnson Space Flight Center

   Q & A and Reader Feedback

    Do you have a burning Bucket List question?  Send it to me and I will make every effort to find the answer.  Selected questions are posted in subsequent issues, and credit for asking is given the questioner. 

     If you have any comments or opinions about pieces that have appeared, or suggestions that you think might make interesting reading, send me your comments for consideration.  

Sept. 2022 — Nov. 2022

Two of your favorite travel books:

A Life Fulfilled


Travel Smart Travel Safe

have been discontinued and are no longer available. But not to worry, they will soon return with more updated and current material. Look for them later this year to be available through your most popular retail book outlets.

A Life Fulfilled
Written with the bucket-lister in mind.  Here is a "how-to" book that guides you through the process of planning, financing, and achieving your bucket list goals.

Trave Smart Travel Safe
The book written to inform and protect the traveler of the the many unforseen and hazardous conditions they may encounter, whether traveling by land, sea, or air.  Knowing the risks, whether large or small, can make you a smart traveler; knowing how to handle yourself in those situations will make you a safe traveler.

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The White House, in Washington, D.C., was initially gray, the color of its original stone. However, during the War of 1812 the British set it ablaze. After the war, the outside walls of the presidential residence were painted white to hide the smoke stains.
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