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Concentration Camp Dachau

The first concentration camp of the Nazi state opened its doors in 1936.  Housing mostly political prisoners and Jews, it soon became the death camp for Russian POW's, homosexuals, gypsies, non-conformists, and even the homeless.  It was the camp that all other German concentration camps of World War II were modeled after and was the birthplace of the brutal and inhumane treatment that many concentration camp survivors tell us.  We should never forget the depth which mans inhumanity to his fellow man can reach.


     On December 7, 1941, the placid and tranquil Hawaiian island of Oahu was turned into the first battle ground of the war against Japan.  From six aircraft carriers that stealthily approached the islands, over three hundred fighters, bombers and torpedo planes were launched against the American forces at Pearl Harbor.  Additionally, the military airfields of the island were bombed and strafed. The attack would catapult the United States into the last global conflict of the 20th century with the President’s address to the Congress and would forever make that date "a date that will live in infamy."

Arlington National Cemetery

Across the river from Washington D.C., in the neighboring state of Virginia, lies the most famous cemetery in the United States.  One of many burial grounds for the military service men and women, Arlington is the resting place of many American heroes, as well as two Presidents; John F. Kennedy and William Howard Taft.  It is also the location of the Tomb of the Unknowns, servicemen who died during World War I, World War II and the Korean Conflict whose bodies remained unidentified.  A tour of this historic site should be on everyone’s bucket list to remind them of our history and freedom, and the costs to keep it.

The Castles of a Mad King

Take a tour of the magnificnet fairy-tale castles of King Ludwig of Bavaria.  Beginning with the castle that inspired the centerpiece at Disneyland, this article takes the adventurer on a tour of the the two other castles the eccentric king commissioned during his brief reign (as well as some of the other construction which can be seen at Schloss Linderhof, the smallest and favorite castle of Ludwig II).

Eclipse 2023

A few people this past October (2023) were fortunate to witness an astronomical experience of thier lives—the moon crossed the face of the sun, giving us an anular eclipse. Most people in the United States witnessed only a partial eclipse, where a fraction of the sun was covered in darkness. The annular eclipse, however, had the moon centered on the sun, leaving only a narrow band of sunlight (known as the "ring of fire") around the Moon's perimeter. This is a preview of the April, 2024, total eclipse of the sun. Only those within the narrow 125-mile-wide band of annularity were fortunate enough (wheather premitting) to see this magnificent display. If you missed it, don't fret. The total eclipse of April is rapidly approaching, and you can prepare yourself for that event now. Search the web for the eclipse path and provide yourself with a proper pair of viewing glasses to protect your eyes. Witnessing such a phenomona, one can easily understand why the ancients believed such astronomical events were a message from the gods.

Getting Close to the Wild

Humans seem to connect with other species we share this planet with.  We have a need to get close to animals.  Some of us keep any number and type of domesticated animal as a pet - a dog, cat, aquarium of fish, or caged bird.  But for many of us, we have a need to mingle and interact with life that is still wild.  Approaching and sharing space with some of the worlds most amazing creatures is an experience that will always be remembered.


One of the best kept secrets of Greece are the monestaries of Meteora.  These dwellings, clinging to the shear cliff faces and rocks of the Pindus Mountains, were once home to monks who lived their simple lives in the safety of these lofty retreats.  Once they numbered in the dozens, but today only six remain open to the public.  Some were weakended by earthquake, and some by the winds and weather, but most are simply the victim of age and have since fallen into disrepair. 

Paris - Europes Favorite City

Paris.  Known as "The City of Love" and "The City of Lights", is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.  with some of the most iconic structures and monuments in the world. Home to many of the worlds Heritage Sites, it as a city that has more to see than can be experienced in only one visit. Explore some of the most popular Parisian site on this page, from the old world Notre Dame Cathederal to the most popular monument, the Eiffel Tower.

Mission: Space

Cape Canavera and Mission Control in Houston are Americas gateway to space. It is from these locations that our exploration of the moon and Shuttle programs were made possible. Today the launch facilities at Cape Canaveral and the Mission Control facilities at Houston are ramping up their facilities and personnel for our next step into space - the manned mission to Mars. These portals to humanities future have become a destination for millions of visitors and it is here that the excitement of what the future offers is realized. A trip to Florida or Texas is incomplete without a visit to these gateways to our newest upcoming missions in the manned exploration of space.

Venice - City on the Water

While Paris may be known as the most romantic city in the world, there can be no doubt that Venice takes a close second.  Its meandering canals, scenic churches and squares, quaint bridges and serenading gondoliers gives it the charm and old-worldliness that make it a destination many plan to see in their lifetime. First settled in the fifth century by refugees from the Italian mainland fleeing waves of Germanic invaders, these exiles would turn the marshlands of the lagoon into the site of one of the wealthiest renaissance cities.  Supported on a foundation of millions of wood pilings driven deep into the sandy loam, the populace produced an aqueous city of great churches, palaces and lavish homes.  A city which, over the centuries, has changed so little that Marco Polo would recognize many of its features.  Venice today is a World Heritage City and is found on many a bucket list as a “must see” destina
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