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The Magic of Disney

There has probably been no person who has brought so much happiness to so many people as Walt Disney.  When you hear his name, you automatically think of Mickey Mouse and Disneyland.  We remember him for his award winning cartoons and keeping the inner child alive with his amazing theme parks.  While volumes have been written about the man, his dreams, and his realizations, we've limited this presentation to but a few dozen paragraphs; enough to wade into the ocean of adventure and fun that all came about with the creation of a cartoon mouse.

Washington DC

If there is one city every American should visit - our Nation's capital, Washington, D.C. Filled with monuments, memorials, and museums, this city has something for everyone. This link all too briefly touches on but a few of the sights of this metropolis. While there are many more that have been left off this list (due to space constraints) a quick search on your favorite search engine will open a plethora of activities and city-wide destinations. It is not a destination where everything can be seen and done in a standard two week vacation. Many of the attractions are open to the public free of charge, which makes this a Mecca for many families.

Air Show!

Every year an event takes place that gets aviation buffs on the move - the Air Show.  From the most modern technical advances in flight to the byplanes from the dawn of aviation and everything in between, you'll find crowds with cameras hoping to catch that one image of their favorite aircraft.  Here are some air shows that are sure to offer you a thrill. For more information about air show performances near you, search this years air show calendar on the web.

Bodie, CA - An American Ghost Town

The Wild West of America has all but disappeared except for the pages of adventure books and Hollywood movies.  However the ghost of the time can still be found if you know where to look.  Bodie, California is one of many towns that was part of the gold fever of the nineteenth century.  Once a thriving settlement with a population that hoped it woud rival San Francisco, Bodie dies when the gold was mined out.  Most of the town burned to the ground, but what remains is perhaps the most impressive and well presevered of the west mining towns.

Places of Antiquity

(Part II of II)

A continuation of last months blog with six new distinations that represent some of the grandest locations to visit for a look into the culture of the past. Begining in the Central American jungles of Guatamala, we visit the Mayan city of Tikal and from there weave our way through Cambodia, Greece, the United States, Easter Island and Peru. Once again, the sites are in choronological order, with the our tour beginning at the oldest site.  (NOTE: The locations underlined indicate those which I have visited and can speak of from first hand experience.)

Places of Antiquity

(Part I of II)

These places are only a shadow of their lost significance.  Some, such as the Pyramids and Great Wall of China, are recognized by just about everyone.  Others are less well-know.  But all connect us to our past and leave us amazed at the artistic and contruction abilities of these ancient people.  Here is a view of six travel destination, which represent some of the greatest building efforts of long ago.  They are in chronological order, from the oldest - at the top of the list - to the "youngest" at the bottom. 

Concentration Camp Dachau

The first concentration camp of the Nazi state opened its doors in 1936.  Housing mostly political prisoners and Jews, it soon became the death camp for Russian POW's, homosexuals, gypsies, non-conformists, and even the homeless.  It was the camp that all other German concentration camps of World War II were modeled after and was the birthplace of the brutal and inhumane treatment that many concentration camp survivors tell us.  We should never forget the depth which mans inhumanity to his fellow man can reach.


     On December 7, 1941, the placid and tranquil Hawaiian island of Oahu was turned into the first battle ground of the war against Japan.  From six aircraft carriers that stealthily approached the islands, over three hundred fighters, bombers and torpedo planes were launched against the American forces at Pearl Harbor.  Additionally, the military airfields of the island were bombed and strafed. The attack would catapult the United States into the last global conflict of the 20th century with the President’s address to the Congress and would forever make that date "a date that will live in infamy."

Arlington National Cemetery

Across the river from Washington D.C., in the neighboring state of Virginia, lies the most famous cemetery in the United States.  One of many burial grounds for the military service men and women, Arlington is the resting place of many American heroes, as well as two Presidents; John F. Kennedy and William Howard Taft.  It is also the location of the Tomb of the Unknowns, servicemen who died during World War I, World War II and the Korean Conflict whose bodies remained unidentified.  A tour of this historic site should be on everyone’s bucket list to remind them of our history and freedom, and the costs to keep it.

The Castles of a Mad King

Take a tour of the magnificnet fairy-tale castles of King Ludwig of Bavaria.  Beginning with the castle that inspired the centerpiece at Disneyland, this article takes the adventurer on a tour of the the two other castles the eccentric king commissioned during his brief reign (as well as some of the other construction which can be seen at Schloss Linderhof, the smallest and favorite castle of Ludwig II).

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